5 days in France

Even though summer is almost over, it’s raining again and I’m almost back in school, I still really wanted to write a blogpost about my summer in France. Or rather, 5 days in France. Originally I was going to Croatia this year, but sadly I wasn’t aloud anymore because of the virus.

So my parents invited me and my boyfriend to come and visit them on a small campside in France. Of course we couldn’t say no to that. So on the 9th of August I drove (together with my boyfriend) all the way to Jard-sur-Mer in France. And all I can say is that is was a wonderful summer trip. Even though we only went there for 5 days, it was one of the best vacations I ever had.

We swam in the wavy sea, went to a big aqua-theme-park, visited two beautiful cities and played a lot of card games. And over all I was just really happy that I got to spend to much time with my family, we had a lot of fun.

Before we went on this little trip I ordered a (new) camera. I needed one for my study (I will probably tell you more about this later), but I decided to order one already so I could also take it on vacation. It gave me some time to practise with it. And that’s what I did! I made a small video of this trip and I think it turned out pretty great! 

Everytime I watch it, it takes me back to those golden summer days. Where the sun was shining all day long and all I could worry about was the sea salt in my hair. Why can’t it stay summer forever? 

So, that were my 5 days in France, 5 wonderful and relaxing days. Even though the whole virus-thing that’s going o right now, I still had one of the most amazing summers ever. In one of my previous posts I told you about my trip to Poland, which was also amazing. So I’m very thankful that I could still go on two (!) vacations, I know a lot of you haven’t been able to travel this year.

So let me know what you have been doing this summer? Have you enjoyed it as much as I did, I hope so!

xoxo Anne

Hi, I am Anne!

I’m 20 years old and living in the Netherlands. On this website I’m sharing a little bit of my life with you. I like to blog so now and than. But you can also find my portfolio on here, I’m a media, design and communication student so I made quite some projects. If you want to read a little more about me just click the button, or go and look around on my website. Have Fun! 

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