anne mare



So you’re a little curious about me? No problem, I’m happy to tell you more about myself!

Who am i?
So my name is Anne (my full name is Anne Mare, but no one actually calls me that) and I’m 20 years old. I’m living in a small city in the Netherlands together with my parents, brothers and dog. I decided to write my website in English because most of my followers aren’t Dutch and I also really like to share my stories and life with them!

My study
As I told you I’m studying Communication and Multimedia Design at the HAN in Arnhem. A city that’s pretty far away from my hometown so I travel almost 2 hours to get there. Every single day. But it’s worth it! I really like this study and it’s definitely been a good choice! I’m mostly interested in everything that has to do with film/movie/television or documentaries. I’ve made one documentary with my classmates last year and that was definitely the best semester I’ve got so far. You can see the documentary here (It’s Dutch). But I also really like designing websites, I made this one all by myself (and WordPress).

My hobbies
Besides going to school and studying I really like to draw, it’s been a big hobby of me since I was a little kid. I used to draw a lot on paper but last year I bought a touchscreen-laptop so now I’m mostly drawing digitally. The big con is that I can draw almost everywhere because I don’t need to bring a bag full of pencils or paint. Besides drawing I really like shopping, I’m loving fashion and beauty. My favorite part of the morning is picking out my outfit and doing my makeup. I also really like eating (I’m a real sweet-tooth), watching Netflix, hiking, baking, playing games, listening to music or hang out with my friends/boyfriend.  If you want to know more about my favorite music or Netflix series you should go and check out my favorites-page!

But I thinks that’s enough about me for now, if you want to now more just contact me!

xoxo Anne