I'm back at school!

As a lot of you probably know, I had an intership the last half year. And as you probably know too, I didn’t like it. At all. But, I finished my internship almost two weeks ago. Passed it with a beautiful grade and finally ready to move on. Forget all about these months. So, I’m back to school. And I love it!

I’ve always really liked going to school, well, since I started at this university than. High School was another story. But now I’m at college I just love going to school. And it’s not only the classes of course, the whole experience of being a student is just amazing. Especially when you have lived in kind of isolation for five months. Everyday I was so alone, no peers, no-one to talk to, just no friends. Internship was a hell.

So seeing my (old) classmates again last week was amazing, I felt so welcome and relieved. Finally I was able to go back the place I love so much. And okay, I shouldn’t exaggerate, it’s still school so not every lesson and every assignment is fun. It’s also pretty stressful, already noticed that. Got so much homework and everything is very hard. But that’s part of the deal. Being back makes everything okay.

You can imagine how happy I was at my last day of being an intern. I left that place and was just so relieved. I think that is the only right word for all of this, relieved. I made it, and now it’s over. Move on! But I still think about my internship though, uncusciously. I’ve dreamt about going back a couple of times, and it were kinda nightmares. Didn’t like it all at.

But it’s done, it is done. So I’m not going to talk about it anymore. It was a big experience, I learned a lot and now it’s done. End of story.

I’ve already had a great night out in Arnhem (the city were my Uni is). I met some friends and already made new ones. I felt so lucky on that moment. And I truelly realised how happy and lucky I was. I’m really starting to appreciatie those beautiful moments more now.

So later on I will tell you more about my school, my assignments and what it is exactly that I do. I actually wanted to do that today but it seems this blogpost is long enough already. So I’ll save it for another time. Maybe I’ll do a school/college/uni Q&A!

So let me know if you’re curious about my college, and also, what school do you go to? Are you still in High School or at Uni? I’m pretty curious so leave a reply!

xoxo Anne

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