Being an intern....

Hi everyone!

How long has it been? More than a year ago I guess… Oh my god, there was a time when I uploaded two times a week. But that is a very long time ago haha. But here I am again, with a totally new site, all build by me. And I’m pretty proud of that. I really don’t know if any of you is going to read my articles, but I just really wanted to blog again. And I don’t know if I am going to keep it up, but we will see.

So, one year later, not much has changed actually if I think about it. I’m still studying CMD at the HAN, still living with my parents and I still have the same hobbies. Just a little less free time. Since the beginning of this schoolyear I’m doing an full-time internship. That means working at the office 40 hours per week. So I don’t have much free time because at the weekend I’m still working at the supermarket. Unfortunately I don’t really like my internship as much as I hoped.  Times passes by so slowly sometimes. Sitting at the office for 40 hours is just not my thing, could’ve expected that actually haha.

The company where I’m having my internship mostly designs websites and newsletters. But sadly I can’t work with the design team, they’ve got all different people for that. So I’m mostly just copying and pasting stuff. I just can’t really be as creative as I want to be, and that bothers me a little sometimes.



My last article was about the documentary that I made at school last year. That really was the best time I ever had at school. So it’s pretty clear that I just need to go and do something with film/video/documentaries and television. But sadly it’s a little too late now, I need to finish my internship here. But on the other hand, I finally know what I really want to do when I’m done with school. Until a month ago I had no clue about that.

So that’s where I am now, at my internship, behind a desk at the office. Being an intern. Does any of you ever been an intern? I think it’s pretty hard though, you never really fit in. But well, we all have to start somewhere, it’s part of the deal. But I’ve got enough things to look forward to: It’s Christmas in just 4 (!) weeks, my grandparents are throwing a big party soon, I’ve got a Christmas gala, we’re going to play secret santa with the family, on monday I’m going shopping with my mom and I’m still meeting up a lot with friends and my boyfriend.  So before I even know it’s already February and then I can go back to school!

That was a small article about myself, so my site won’t get outdated. And besides that it’s kind of an outlet, blogging. I secretly missed it though.

So if you liked it, please let me know if I should keep blogging! 

Oh and also, what do you think of my completely new website? I’ve made this all by myself and I’m pretty proud of it! I think it turned out really cool, totally my style! 

If you want to know more about how I made this and how I designed this let me know and maybe i’ll write an article about it. 

xoxo Anne

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  1. oeeh love deze nieuwe site!! ik ga direct ook je portfolio even bekijken 🙂 zo’n job aan een bureau lijkt me ook zo saai op den duur, ik snap wat je bedoelt, maar hey nog even en dan kun je idd terug naar school 🙂 enjoy christmas haha!

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