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Welcome backt to another part of my 2019 recap! My story got a little bit too long so I really needed to make 2 seperate posts about it. If you didn’t read the first part, you can find it here!so, 2019 is almost at his ending, it’s has been a hell of a year, continue reading >>
So yes, 2019 is almost at his ending, it’s so weird. 2019 has been a hell of a year, really. It had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. So somewhere I’m feeling a little bit relieved or happy that the year’s almost over, but on the other hand it’s always sad when continue reading >>
So, our national holiday (Sinterklaas) is over which means that it was finally time to put up the christmas tree. It’s like a unwritten rule that you’re not allowed to decorate your house before the 5th of december because that’s a holiday here in the Netherlands. But on saturday, on the 7th of december we continue reading >>
Here I am again! Today I’m going to be talking about fashion, well not really talking, showing. I made a collage of my style and I thought why not share it with you? I’ve seen so many collages like this on the gram lately and I just really wanted to do this myself sometime! I continue reading >>
How long has it been? More than a year ago I guess… Oh my god, there was a time when I uploaded two times a week. But that is a very long time ago haha. But here I am again, with a totally new site, all build by me. And I’m pretty proud of that. continue reading >>