Some cute stuff from AliExpress

Oh I’m addicted to AliExpress, every week there are like two new packages for me. Everything is just so cheap and they have a looooot of cute things. A couple of weeks ago I ordered some cute accesoires and they all came in last week so I wanted to show you what I got.

It’s not so much, just a couple of things that I’m so happy with.

The first thing that came in were these vintage-looking earrings. They really are a trend right now and I love them. My grandma used to wear earrings like these when she was my age. I just love the fact that all those retro things are back now. I like the vibe. I find these earrings pretty hard to combine, they actually only go with black clothes. Well, that’s what I think, I bet there are tons of options on how to combine these.

Second thing is this necklace. Coin necklaces really are my obsession lately. I actually ordered one a couple of months ago but I lost that one already. So I ordered this, it has a cute little rose on it. I have to say that it’s not the prettiest necklace I ever had, you can really see it’s made from plastic. But I like it anyways. Especially when I wear it in combination with some other necklaces.

Than I got some more earrings, these were only 18 cents, can you believe it? This actually is a trend too now, small hoops with little star-charms. I like it, it’s really cute but classy. I thought the hoops would be a little smaller, I would’ve liked that more but well, for 18 cents they are perfect. I tried to put the charms on some other hoops but they don’t fit. So I’ll just wear them like this. This also looks really fashionable I think.

And then last, a scrunchie. It’s a miracle it got in because I ordered two other scrunchies on AliExpress, a really long time ago, but they never came. So I’m really happy this one did. And damn this one is pretty. It’s made from some really soft and shiny velvet and the leopard pattern is just wow. I’m in love, really. It looks really nice with a ponytail but I also wear it around my wrist.

Sooo, that were the four things that came in lately. I’m trying to take a break and not order anything on Ali for some time. But I got a feeling that’s gonna fail. We’ll see. Now I really need to get back to work. I need to write a report for school and it’s so much work, and so boring. I guess it will take a couple more hours… So wish me luck.


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