How to thrift clothes?

I think I was fifteen or so when my mom took me to thrift store for the first time. I was redecorating my room, my mom was upgrading the living room. Ever since that day I fell in love with thrifting, I love to go trough all the clutter and looking for some pearls. But it was around last year that I started thrifting clothes. We have a very big and nice thrift store in my hometown, but something that I never knew is that they have a huge section of clothes. My mom only ever took me to the home-decor and furniture sections.

I’ve always been a sucker for cheap clothes, you won’t ever see me paying more than €15 on any piece of clothing. (Except for shoes, can’t beat a good pair of Dr. Martens). So, when I found out about the clothing sections in thrift store I was in cloud nine. But not only physical stores, also webshops like Depop or Dutch versions of it really caught my attention. Because it’s not only good for my bank account, it’s also very good for the environment!

Not that I’m such a nature-oriented hippie, but it is very important to take a little care of our earth sometimes . So, it does feel really good to buy things secondhanded. I actually can’t even remember the last thing that I bought in a regular store… It really has been a while since I found anything good at H&M or Zara. Most times it’s just too expensive for me, I got used to the thriftstore-prices now. €3 for a sweater? That’s more like it!

I can’t really give you any great tips on how to find the perfect clothing items in a second handed store. On a webshop like Depop it’s very easy, fill in your size, the piece your looking for and voila! There it is. In a thriftstore this works a little differently… The best thing to do is just to keep looking, go through every single piece. It takes a little time, but trust me, it’s worth it. That feeling when you find the perfect sweater, or jeans, or jacket, it’s just amazing.

So, just take your time, look at every clothing piece and don’t give up! And if you didn’t find anything, no worries, just go visit another thrift store or come back in a few days. You never know when someone is going to drop off some beauty’s. Another thing to do is don’t look at the sizes, like really. Last week I found a beautiful, no, magnificent dress. But it was a size small. And normally I wear a size large. But I decided to just try it on, and well. It suited me perfectly. Okay, maybe not perfectly, it’s a very little bit too small but who cares. For just a couple of euro’s I couldn’t resist it. I needed the dress. So, just try it on, even if it’s not your size. You may be surprised about how misleading some of the size labels are.

And last but not least, be creative. Found something that’s not completely your style? Go DIY it, just take a pair of scissors and some textile-glue (or a sewing machine if you’re that talented, I’m definitely not). Just make an old piece look brand new again! Last month I found a gorgeous blouse, the color was just so me and the fabric was very stylish. But, it had some really ugly fringes at the bottom. You don’t think I’m going to leave it with that right? I needed that blouse, so I took a pair of scissors, cut off all the fringes and asked my mother for some help. She actually knows how to use a sewing machine, so she fixed the rest of my blouse. And now I have a new favorite piece for just €5!

You know, my intention of this blogpost was to show you all my thrifted and secondhanded clothes. But I got too caught up in the whole thrifting-story that I don’t really have place for those pictures anymore. But that only means that I’ve got some more blogposts to come.

Say yay to thrifting! I will speak to you next time, and I promise, I will show you all of my (best,) secondhanded founds!

xoxo Anne

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  1. Yeay you’re back! Missed your blogposts 🥺🥺. And really want to see your thrifted clothes! I love thrifting! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  2. nicee! i wish i could thrift more… but there are no stores in my neighbourhood… but nice post anyway! :blush:

  3. Yes girll :thumbsup::thumbsup: Goed bezig, ik houd zelf ook echt enorm veel van tweedehands kleding shoppen 😀

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