I ordered some stuff online...

I’ve always been a shopping addict, if that wasn’t already clear. But now all the stores are closed I needed to fill up my needs with something else. Online shopping. I have to say, I hate online shopping, I just want to see the things in real life, feel them and try them on before I pay for it. And also, I hate paying shipping costs. But now I have admitted to it… I ordered some stuff online, and because most of it is from AliExpress, it hasn’t arrived yet (remember how I told you I was going to quit on Ali? Joke is on me).

But, I already received three packages, and that’s what I am going to show you today. Just because I’ve got nothing else to do, do you? Stuck in quarantine, life is boring right…

So the first one, you probably have seen them on my gram, couldn’t resist taking millions of pictures of them (they are just soooo aesthetic). It are my first Nikes ever. Believe it or not, I never actually owned Nikes before. First, because I am not a sneaker kinda girl, I always walked in my Dr. Martens or other boots but sneakers have never really been my thing. And second, I always bought really cheap shoes, as in: shoes for €7 at the H&M. But it had to change because I deserve real shoes hahah. I found these shoes by accident on the internet and after that I couldn’t get them out of my head. They are so pretty! And the best part of all, they were only €35, what a deal right? So now thet are mine! You can shop them here!

Second package is something really spontaneous. You probably don’t know this but I wear contacts. But sometimes my eyes get tired or dry and that’s when I want to wear glasses. I owned two pair of glasses, but I kind of disliked both of them. But I wouldn’t allow myself to buy new ones, three pair of glasses is a bit overdone. But than my mom’s glasses broke down and I gave her one of mine, since I never wore them anymore. So now I only had one pair left, and that’s when I did allow myself to order a new one. So I found this website called Firmoo, they sell really cheap but really pretty glasses online, it’s a bit of a risk but it was worth trying. I am so happy with this pair of glasses! In the end I paid like €35 for these, because my boyfriend ordered a pair too and the second one was for free. So another amazing deal!

The last package came in today and it are earrings! I have a lot of earrings, I admit, but they all are so cheap, and you can see that. Almost all of my (cheap) earrings are rusted or discolored. So I decided I wanted to replace them all for better earrings. And that I am also going to take better care of my jewelry. Did you know they discolor by just laying in the open air? I didn’t, so I never storage my jewelry in a box. But now I am definitely going to do that, don’t want these pretty earrings to discolor or rust again! I got these at a Dutch, small online shop called: Musthavejewelry. They had this deal where you could order 3 pairs of earrings for the price of 2. So I got these three hoops for just €10. (Okay, they are probably not the best quality, it’s still very cheap, but I assume it’s better than the jewelry I had since they were only €1 for 10 or so).

It’s crazy how much I can talk about just three items right? I hope you found it interesting and you made it to the end. So, when all my earrings are In I would like to write a jewelry stash, but I am actually also looking for a cute necklace, some that doesn’t discolor as well, so have to keep looking and saving. If any of you got any good tips on this topic I would love to hear from you!

What’s the last or best thing you have ordered online?


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  1. Those shoes are so aesthethic! And love the earrings, I don’t have my ears pierced but those earrings really wanna make me too!! :heart_eyes::blush:

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