I've got a new phone!

As the title already says; I’ve got a new phone! And I’m so super happy with it! A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in Eindhoven with my boyfriend and he suggested to visit an electronics store. So I took a quick look at the smartphone section and from that moment I couldn’t stop thinking about all the cool new phones that they were selling. The smartphone I had (a Huawei) was around 2.5 years old so I could use a new one. But I was kind of wanting to save some money.

But well, I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I decided to just go for it. But I needed to wait a week longer because there was going to be a big sale. So I waited, and waited. Counted down the days. And last thursday I took the bus to go and get this baby. Without hesitating I bought it. The Oppo Reno 2z.

Why I picked this phone? It has a beautiful and really good camera. Not only for picture’s but also for video’s. It has a really good video-stabilization option which makes my video’s like a 100 times more beautiful. And since I’m planning on making more video’s this was just the perfect phone. Also, it has a pop-up front camera which means that there’s no camera blocking the screen or so. So enough space to watch Netflix or YouTube video’s. And it also has a beautiful back, I picked the white version because it’s kind of my tradition, I always pick white phones. And this one has kind of a holographic effect on it so I just fell in love with this color. So aesthethic!

Okay I’m not trying to make any advertisements for this phone, but I’m just really happy with it. I am really going to make more video’s for my blog and Insta. I really loved making the video of my December 2019 and now my camera is so much better it’s only going to be more fun!

So, the quality of my pictures and video’s is hopefully really going to be better from this on. (The pics in this blogpost are still taken by my old phone, obviously.) But down below you see two of the same pictures but taken by my different phones. My old Huawei and new Oppo:


Look how much more beautiful the colors are on the second picture. And also the quality is way better. I’m so excited to go and take some pictures now! Even though I don’t have any inspiration at all…

Sooo, That was a really hyped up blogpost about my new baby. I’m just really happy with it. I am a little bit addicted to my phone so this device is a really important thing in my life. Can’t lie. I’m now thinking about purchasing a phone-plan. I’m still using prepaid right now so I don’t have any gbt’s now. Still living on the WiFi. But not really sure about that….

I’ll see you next time!


xoxo Anne

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