my beautiful birthday presents

As some of you probably know, I’ve turned 20 in March. On the 16th it was my birthday! But it was kind of a weird birthday because I could not really celebrate it because of the Corona virus. My family did visit me a couple of days before, but my plans to meet up with some friends, go out for dinner with my boyfriend and go out with my schoolfriends were all canceled. So that’s why I never really told you all about my birthday. It was not so special this year. Eventually I went shopping on the 16th together with my boyfriend. The stores were still open, but all the restaurants and cafes weren’t. But I had a great day after all.

And I did got two beautiful gifts. And they are definitely worth sharing with you. So, my parents gave me a beautiful watch! I’ve been wanting a new watch for a very long time, I always had like very cheap watches that didn’t last very long. So now I went for a more expensive one, but this will definitely stay pretty for a very long time. I picked this golden Rosefield watch with this pearl-looking clock. I love it! It’s so f*cking classy and totally my style!

I can’t wait to actually wear it, now I’ve been sitting home all day and wearing a watch is not very comfortable than. But after this quarantine I will be wearing it every single day. It’s the most beautiful watch I have ever seen!

So the next thing is a ring. I didn’t know what to ask my boyfriend for a present, first we wanted to skip the presents this year and just go on a vacation together from the money. But eventually we decided that to just do both. We both work pretty hard so we got enough money for presents and a vacation. So I asked for a ring. I got a pretty ring from him two years ago, but I didn’t really like that one anymore. My style had changed a lot. For example, it was silver, and now I am only wearing gold jewelry. So that ring did not match with all of my other jewelry and of course, with my new watch.

So, together we picked out this ring. We searched very long and had visited like every jewelry store in the city. And then we finally found this one. And damn I am in love. It matches my watch so perfect! And I really wanted a ring with a stone, because I like to combine those with other rings. So, the perfect ring for me! And the quality is very good so this will also stay pretty for a very long time.

So that were the two presents I got, I didn’t get any other gifts because I couldn’t celebrate my birthday. But we will definitely catch that up!

For now I can enjoy this beautiful jewelry, it just makes me happy to just look at it. So classy!


Did or do you have a birthday during quarantine? And how do you celebrate it?


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