My best AliExpress buys ever!

­I am addicted, addicted to shopping. More specific: cheap shopping. I buy most of my clothes on sale or secondhanded in thrift stores or via selling-apps like United Wardrobe or Vinted. It’s not because I don’t have the money to buy new clothes, I work my ass off to afford all the things I wanna have or wanna do. It is because it just feels good, it feels so good to come home with a very cute and pretty jacket that I’ve got for almost 20 euro’s less than the original pricing. It became a hobby of mine, shopping, but buying everything as cheap as possible.

And that’s where AliExpress came into my life. Cause what’s the best place cheap shopping? Right! Ali. And yes, I know it’s bad for the environment and that AliExpress isn’t the best place to buy stuff. And that’s why, believe me or not, I’m really not buying so much there anymore. But I have bought a lot of things on that website, sorry not sorry. I have to admit, I’ve bought a lot of stuff that I didn’t necessarily need and most of the time those products ended up in the trash can. Another reason why I’m not buying so much on Ali anymore, most of it is trash, a waste of money and a waste of nature. But, I actually wanted to talk about the good things I ordered on AliExpress. Because inbetween all the bargains, there are some really good products that I’m (still) so happy with. So here they are my best AliExpress buys of the last 2 years. Let’s go!

Mini perfume flask
Let’s start off with the smallest one of all, this mini perfume flask. You can fill it up with your own perfume. I always have this flask with me and I use it a lot. One thing about this one is that filling it up is a bit hard. I’ve seen other flasks that you can easily fill up from te bottom, but not this one sadly… But still, one of my favorite buys ever!

Wireless/Bluetooth earphones
I really wanted to have bluetooth earphones but the Airpods are expensive as hell. So I decided to go and look for dupes on AliExpress. After some internet-research these bluetooth earphones came out as best budget-earphones worldwide. So, for only €15 I gave it a chance. And I am soooo happy with them, the sound is amazing, the fit is great and they work incredibly good. You can charge the earphones in the box and after being fully charged they work for like 5 hours. I’m using them for around 2 or 3 months now and they still work great. So, nothing bad about this buy!

Gelpolish (and attributes)
Oh how much I love this buy! Around 6 months ago I was so tired of wearing regular nailpolish. It started chipping so fast and it just never looked good. My boyfriend’s sister had already ordered a lot of gelpolish and attributes on Ali and she was really satisfied with it. So I decided to give it a try! I ordered a LED-lamp and a lot of polishes and I’ve been using it ever since. Now I am pretty addicted to ordering new gelpolishes. Only thing is that a lot of the polishes do not cover so well, so I do have ordered a couple of polishes that were a waste of money but well. The polish from Ali stays on for about a week, so that’s a lot longer than regular nailpolish.

Fake Tangle Teezer
Last but not least is this hairbrush. Do you know the official Tangle Teezer? Such a nice hairbrush, but oh so expensive for just a hairbrush. I used the original one for over 5 years so I really needed a new one. This cheap version from AliExpress works as nice as the original one and I barely notice any difference. So a very, very good dupe!

As you see, there are no jewellry in this list, I’ve bought millions of necklaces, bracelets and earphones on Ali but all them weren’t worth buying. Okay, maybe two or three pieces were pretty good quality but most it, no. It happened to me so many times that the jewellry I ordered was just made of very ugly plastic and broke down after wearing it once. So no, I’m not going to take the risk anymore, for jewellry I just go to real stores, so I can see and feel it. It may be cheaper on Ali, but after all it’s not worth the price and not worth the effort it takes for the package to come to my place.

So well, I’ve talked a lot about AliExpress now, but now I’m curious, what’s your best buy on AliExpress? And what’s your opinion on this website? Let me know! I find this a very interesting topic!

xoxo Anne

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