My December 2019

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So it’s 2020. It is for a couple of days now but I haven’t talked to you ever since. So I wish you all a very beatiful, happy and healthy 2020! It’s going to be good year and a good new decade. But, today we’re not talking about 2020 but about 2019. This post is about my December. The month that has been really good to me, really needed that.

I always love December so much, mostly because of christmas but this year I’ve had a lot more wonderful days in December. I decided to catch all these moments on camera. And this time it’s not in pictures but on video. As I said in another blogpost I was planning on making some more video’s and little movies for my instagram (IGTV) and blog. And today I finished the first one, a bit scared to share it with you but I’m going to do it anyways. 2020 is for trying out new things! So here we go:


I did so many things in December, as you can see in the video. And I didn’t even film everything, I sometimes forgot to film because I’m not used to filming yet, I’m definitely not a vlogger. But over all I think I did a great job. The video does show all of my highlights, as in shopping with my mom, parties, christmas and new years eve. It has been a really good December to me and I am so incredibly thankful for that. I really felt myself again, my mind finally got some rest.

Christmas was one of the days I was feeling so blessed! I spent a lot of time with my family. Me and my family are very close so spending time together never gets bored. We played games and had a delicious dinner. Just how Christmas should be. For New Years Eve I kept it very low-key this year. I stayed home with my boyfriend and my parents. But for once I didn’t mind staying at home while the others party. We played some more games and watched television. At twelve o’clock we enjoyed the beautiful fireworks. I almost shed a tear on that moment, just couldn’t believe this decade really had come to an end. That I’m really growing up…

And now we’re already living in 2020 for over a week. Got to say, 2020 isn’t very different from 2019. I’m back in the office, back at work and everything is just how it was before the winterbreak. Except that I’m feeling better now because there’s only three weeks left of this shitty internship.

So I talked a lot for a blogpost that was supposed to be just about a video that I made. But it’s fine, I’m just very lucky that I had such a wonderful end of 2019, couldn’t imagine it any better.
I hope you also had a beautiful December! (And I also hope you liked the video that I made, please let me know!)

There are definitely more to come! I will upload them all on my IGTV so don’t forget to follow me and keep an eye on my instagram-account! @anne__mare

xoxo Anne


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