My first weeks in quarantine

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last talked to you. More than two weeks in quarantine. How is it going? Is everyone still safe? I am, and so is my family, thank god. Can’t imagine what it would feel like to lose someone because of this stupid, stupid virus. But anyway, even I’m not sick, my life is still upside down. Everyone’s life is at this moment I think. We’re only two or three weeks into this quarantine but it feels like forever, and I can’t wait for things to be normal again.

So, how am I spending my days? Well, my days are pretty busy actually. I keep reading all the messages of people who are bored, I see video’s on YouTube giving tips on how not to be bored. But the fact is, I am not bored at all. School is killing me, they kept all the deadlines, presentations and exams so I still have a lot to do. But instead of travelling to Arnhem everyday to go to my University, I can now sleep in a little and work from home.

It’s been going pretty good, I got a lot of motivation to finish my school assignments and working from is not that bad. But it’s just so much work, I don’t have the time for Netflix. But this Thursday I’ve got like 3 deadlines so after that I’ve hopefully got some rest again. Because I did have a lot of plans, I wanted to work on my website, blog a lot, start drawing again and do a lot of work for my new job.

But none of that happened, in fact, my website expired because I forgot to make a payment for it. So stupid… Took a lot of work to fix it, I was just one day too late. I was just to busy working on school. And, I kind of got addicted to the Sims 4 again… I’ve got the game for a long time now but I never really liked it, but since a month I’ve got all the expansion and game packs so the game got a lot more fun now!  And I downloaded a lot of Custom Content so now I’m really into it again. So all my free time goes to playing the Sims 4 now.

So no blogging, no drawing and no seeing friends. And that last thing is actually really, really sad. I miss them, and I miss my family. We just can’t visit anyone now and that is so hard. Even though I call myself a introvert, I do like hanging out with people sometimes. But it’s for the best. I’m just hoping my summer trip won’t get affected by this, I’ve been looking forward to that for over a year now so I would really cry if we have to cancel that because of this virus.

But it is what it is guys, the world’s a mess and we can’t fix it. So for now I will just stay inside, work on school and play the Sims, and hopefully find some time to make more blogposts, because now I made another payment for my website, it would be really sad to not use it haha.

So let me know how you are spending these quarantine days and if you’re still safe.

xoxo Anne

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