My latest school-projects!

Two weeks ago I had two huge deadlines, but I made it! It were two assignments I had been working on for over 8 weeks, and after 5 weeks or so I ended up in quarantine. So I guess we can say I was stressed out about it. But I made it! I handed in two finished projects and I am actually really proud of what I made! I already updated my portfolio so there is a change you’ve already seen it, but I guess not since my website isn’t that popular!

I will just put on a very short summary of my assignments, if you want to read more about it I do suggest you to take a look at my portfolio!

My first assignment was to make a data visualization, so that meant animating again. Not really my favorite thing in the world since I find that very hard to do. But in the end I did like the assignment, mostly because I chose to do it about my all time favorite person: Lana Del Rey. So for this project and did everything myself: I made the style, made the designs and animated it. Took a lot of hours… But the end-result isn’t that bad, I actually got a 9 out of 10 for it! Take a look at the video down below to see my data-visualization about Lana Del Rey!

The second assignment was to make a campaign book, we got a few topics to chose from and I picked education. So long story short: I had to come up with a new brand and a whole campaign to advertise a new education system. This also took me a lot of hours, but it was so much fun to do! I put so much effort in this, but it was all worth it, I am really happy with the end result and I also learned a lot! This whole book is in Dutch, I am sorry! But we all speak the language of images so maybe you will understand some of it.

And now I’ve got a huge new project, but this project isn’t individual so I got a project group to do it with. But that is very hard since the school are all closed. But well, we got Skype, Teams, Whatsapp and Discord so enough ways to communicate.

But I do miss school, well, I mostly miss my University-friends and going out with them… I just have to stay patient for now, and keep working on my projects, making sure I will make it. We already failed on one of our group-assignments so we really have to do our bests now. No time to be bored or lazy…

How are you doing during home-schooling? Are you busy or bored?


Hi, I am Anne!

I’m 20 years old and living in the Netherlands. On this website I’m sharing a little bit of my life with you. I like to blog so now and than. But you can also find my portfolio on here, I’m a media, design and communication student so I made quite some projects. If you want to read a little more about me just click the button, or go and look around on my website. Have Fun! 

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