◈ Quick update on me ◈

Hi friends!

It’s me! You still remember me? 😉

Yes, this is just a try-out, blogging in English, I just wanted to try it sometime, and since I gained a lot of new (foreign) followers on Instagram I thought let’s try it now. Maybe they read it too. Maybe not… We’ll see. ◈

It’s been a while since I uploaded something on my blog, I’ve been busy with so many things. Last week was my first week back at school. And I love it. Seriously, since I’m studying Communication and Multimedia Design I don’t mind going to school. I love going there and learning new stuff. Although the vacation wasn’t bad at all hihi, I’ve been to Croatia as you know, I uploaded a little article about it around a month go. The other weeks left of my vacation I spent a lot of time with friends and family, and I worked a lot… But I also visited Antwerp for a weekend with my best friends which was so much fun! So nothing to complain about. The summer of 2018 was amazing, one of the best summers ever! ◈

Oh, and you remember me writing a bucket list? Well, I haven’t looked at that for the whole summer so I have literally no idea how many things I can check from the list… ◈

So, that’s where I’ve been. I don’t know if I’m going to upload a lot of articles now I’m back at school because I got a lot do, already… This afternoon there’s a deadline on a video we needed to make. Thank god I finished that, I spent all day yesterday on editting my video, and it was hard. I never worked with Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects before so I used a lot of YouTube tutorials to learn it. But I made it, the video is uploaded before the deadline!

Unfortunately I can’t show you guys the video I made because it’s about a classmate, so it’s kinda private… She made a video about me, the shots you see here in the post are from here video 😉 . ◈

So, please let me know what you think of me writing in English because I don’t know if this was a smart idea or not… Just be honest if you think it’s better for me to write in Dutch.  ◈


◈ xx ◈



  1. Marthe

    7 september 2018 at 23:29

    Leuk in het Engels!! Ik zou gewoon doen wat je zelf het leukste vind, dan is het ook leuker om te lezen als jij het zelf ook leuk vindt! Tof artikeltje! xxx

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