My second-handed founds

As promised, I would show you all my thrifted/secondhanded clothing items. When I was collecting all the pieces I realized how much it actually is! I think almost 40 or 50% of my wardrobe is secondhanded. Not to be selfish but it does make me very proud and happy. this is my contribution to the environment! The clothing industry is one of the biggest environmental polluters, something not everyone thinks about…

No, I’m not going to give you a lecture about the environment today, I think you already know how bad it is. So, let’s talk about something more fun, fashion! As said, I have a lot of secondhanded clothes that I wanted to show you today. This are actually the clothes that I still wear right now. I am the kind of girl that is very quickly bored of clothes so there are some (secondhanded) pieces laying in the bottom of my wardrobe, waiting for a new home. Also a reason why I buy clothes so cheap… I think I talked about this before, about how I finally found my style and how I make a whole less bad buys than a couple of years ago.

But I digress again, let’s get to the point, for real now!

Let’s start off with the blouses, I am so in love with all three of them! And a funny thing, I found two exact the same blouses, but in different colors and in different thrift stores. And it’s also a pretty expensive brand so I am really happy with these dotted shirts. Very cute for layering this winter! The other blouse is, I think, my favorite. Totally my color and the fabric is very soft! All three are found in local thriftstores.

Next, three pair of jeans/pants! These are all found on Vinted, I actually never found any cute jeans or pants in a thriftstore. New challenge maybe? 😉 I got a basic black mom-jeans because that really is my go-to outfit, I wear a black mom-jeans almost every day. The other jeans is a checkered skinny jeans and the last, something I don’t wear a lot, a tiger-printed-flared-pants. A little out of my comfort zone but come one, it’s awesome right?!

Than I got two sweaters. The first one is a very thick and soft white sweater. It has a turtleneck and it is the most comfortable sweater I ever owned. I only wore it once because it’s a little to warm for now, but when winter really comes this is going to be my favorite. I bought this one on Vinted, a secondhanded website/app in Europe. The second sweater I found in a thriftstore, just a pretty basic but comfortable sweater, with a very cute leopard pattern!

Next stop, party clothes! This is actually something you can find in thriftstores so easily! Last week I found this amazing dress with golden glitter in a local thriftstore. I really can’t wait for Christmas now, it’s the perfect dress for it! For a wedding last summer I wanted a big midi skirt, found that one on United Wardrobe (another website/app but only in the Netherlands). And then I got two cute mesh tops, one longsleeve and one t-shirt. One from the thriftstore and one I got via Facebook.

Than, the last two clothing items, blazers! The first blazer, the checkered one I found online. It’s one of the first thing I got secondhanded, I wanted a blazer like that so bad but they were pretty so I started searching online. And even after 3 years or so, it still is one of my favorite items of all time! The black blazer I found in a thriftstore, I think it’s actually a man’s jacket but who cares. I don’t wear the blazer so often because I really don’t know how to combine it…

Okay, we’re almost there, last picture. Shoes! I never found any good shoes in a thrifstore so these are both from online webshops. Shoes are the only thing I really like to be branded, I just love Dr. Martens or Vans or Converse and I barely see those brands in thriftstores. But, online I did find the perfect pair of Vans. Every time I look at them I fall in love again. They are amazing. The other shoes are small heels I bought for last summer’s wedding.

Oh shit… this blogpost got waaaay to long! I really talk too much, so I’m wondering, did any of you made it till here? Did you read all the text or did you only look at the pictures? I’m actually curious so let me know!

And also, let me know what you’re favorite secondhanded found is! (If you buy secondhanded clothes). I think my over-all favorite is are my vans or my checkered blazer!

xoxo Anne

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