My small Gallery wall

Almost a year ago I redesigned my whole room; I painted the walls, moved the furniture and bought a lot of new decorations. One thing I really wanted in my room was a gallery wall. I’d seen a lot of inspiration pictures for it on Pinterest and it made me so excited to design my own! At the thriftstore and in our attic I found some old photo frames. I printed out some pictures and found  posters at some furniture stores.

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from a company named, it’s a Dutch printshop and they asked me if I wanted to collaborate. Of course I wanted that, my first collaboration ever! That made me really happy. So, I dragged my boyfriend with me to take some pictures. Because I really wanted a cute and pretty picture from the happy couple to add to my gallery wall. And this was my chance! So we went to the beautiful, autumnal woods and took some photos.

The end result was surprisingly good since we took all the pictures with self-timer. So as happy as I was I edited the photo’s in Lightroom and picked out the best one for my gallery wall. I sent it to and they arranged everything for me. It was very easy and very fast cause only 2 working days later I received the poster in the mail! The quality is very good, the paper has a beautiful gloss and the photo is completely sharp. So, for the Dutchies among us, if you’re looking for a good and cheap company to get your posters from, check out Or use the following link:

Besides posters, also prints and delivers roll-up banners (, photo’s on canvas, photo frames, bottle labels, menus, calendars a whole lot more. Everything you need for your home, garden or even your office!

But enough about, let’s get back to my gallery wall. To make the whole thing match I printed out some other autumnal photo’s. I also changed the quote on my letterboard into something fall-related! And it turned out very cozy in my opinion! Can’t wait to lit the scented candles, turn on my fairy-lights and watch some good movies in my bed. With, of course, a hot cup of tea! I’m just really a sucker for fall and autumn things. It’s the most cozy season of all!

Now I really want to re-decorate the rest of my room and make everything get this autumnal vibe with these beautiful colors! So maybe, in a next blogpost I’ll show the rest of my autumnal room! Because I´m having some great ideas in mind on how to decorate the rest of my room! Also found a couple of interesting DIY projects on Pinterest and Tiktok that I really want to try!

Do you change your room through the seasons? And do you have a gallery wall?

xoxo Anne

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  1. jaa zo leuk! Ik wil ook heel graag zo’n gallery wall in mijn kamer maar ik heb er niet echt plek voor helaas. Mijn kamer hangt al aardig vol… :joy:

    1. Thanks, en ja het neemt inderdaad wel wat ruimte in beslag, misschien kun je er nog een leuk plekje voor vinden! 🙂

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