My style! (in a selfmade collage)

Hi everyone,
Here I am again! Today I’m going to be talking about fashion, well not really talking, showing. I made a collage of my style and I thought why not share it with you? I’ve seen so many collages like this on the gram lately and I just really wanted to do this myself sometime! I really liked doing it and it’s also very helpful if you want to figure out your style.

If it wasn’t clear already; I love fashion and shopping is my biggest hobby. I spend most of my money on clothing and jewelry. But I always had a very hard time figuring out what my style was. I’ve been through a lot of phases. The people who’ve been following me for a couple of years defenitely noticed that. I’ve been in that emo/egdy/skatergirl phase and right after that I’ve been a total girly-girl with floral dresses and everything. Than I went back to the basics and now I am here. Still a little bit basic tho haha, my style now is really inspired by the 70’s and 80’s, and by the one and only Lana Del Rey. I love to combine something chique and fancy with something a little bit more edgy.

It’s nice to know your style, I kept making bad bargains. So after I sold and gave away almost my whole closet I filled it with all the clothes that I absolutely love. So it’s safe to say that I really wear everything in my closet right now. And that feels so good. I’ve also been trying to be a little bit green by not having a shitload on clothes, but I guess I failed that already since shopping is my biggest hobby…

So here I’ve got for you, the (fashion/style) collage that I made:


So I hope you liked this collage! Maybe I’ll make some more in the future, if I find the time for it.

xoxo Anne

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