Staying home & the Corona Virus

Wow, here I am again, another blogpost? Yes, another blogpost. But a small and very quick one! The Corona Virus made his entrance in the Netherlands and that has his consequences. All the schools and restaurants are closed and we have to stay inside for at least 3 weeks. Maybe even longer, I’m scared it will be longer. I’m already so bored.

Okay, it may be not so bad, but I am seriously asking myself how the f*ck am I going to survive this quarantine? I am this type of person who finds it very hard to be alone, I always want people around me, I want to talk to people, want to share my thoughts and laugh with others. But this virus made that all a little bit harder since I am not aloud to do fun things or see my friends.

And yes, I totally understand why we have to stay inside and why they closed everything. I know it is for the best, I don’t want people to get really sick or die, but it’s just really hard. I’m only at day one on this whole situation and I am already freaking out. Today it’s tuesday, yesterday, monday, was my birthday. A really weird one. But I still managed to make something fun out of it! Actually had an amazing day (will tell you more about it later?). But today I’m back in reality, sitting in my room, making homework and listening to Lana Del Rey. Is this really going to be my life for the upcoming 3 or more weeks? I miss school already and I miss going out with freinds,

First, let’s calm down and maybe try to see the positive aspects of it? I’ve got so much free time now! Time to blog, time to take pictures, time to draw, time to just do nothing and watch Netflix. And time to start working for my new job, ’cause yes, I’ve found a new job! And I will definitely tell you more about it when the time is right. Haven’t even had my first day yet so it’s a little bit too early to tell you all about it.

So yes, the Corona Virus is here, I’m glad I am not sick and my family are all okay. I think that’s the most important thing after all. We will get there, eventually. For now we just have to stay inside and try to stay calm. Even though it feels like I’m dreaming all the time.

So stay safe everyone and let me know what you’re “plans” are for the upcoming weeks! I Can use some good tips!


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