⋯ the first pages of my new Bullet Journal ⋯

  1. Hi all!

One year ago I bought a small book, which I turned into a Bullet Journal, afters seeing thousands of pictures on Pinterest en Instagram I wanted to try it myself. And so I did. I used my Bullet Journal the whole schoolyear and I liked it so much!

So without any doubt I bought a new book, and I started making a new Bullet Journal for this schoolyear. So today I’m going to show you how my first few pages turned out:) .

So, my first two pages are about… yep, me. For if someone ever finds my Bullet Journal and wonders who it’s from 😉 . And, I was thinking, if I will read this back later, when I’m old and grey, it would be fun to read who I was back than. So it’s a quick summary of who I am.

For those who can’t read it:

It’s me, Anne, an 18 years old girl who made this Bullet Journal. 
A messy book full of messy things. It’s full of things I love, things I want to remember and a lot more.
It’s a mess, just like me.

i am, a dreamer, creative, a Firebreather and a Ray Bae, a fashionista, in love, very emotional, a music lover, netflix addict and foodie, i am never satisfied but always sleepy. I love vintage and retro stuff but my phone is my biggest friend.
But mostly important, I am myself 


Than I made two very, very random pages. Or not… It are the two artists I’m most fan of. Imagine Dragons, who will always be my number 01. Can’t stop telling people I’ve been to their concert and that the concert was a-ma-zing! And the second is Lana Del Rey, I just think her songs are so special and unique. So I love both.

Next, a brain dump. Because I probably need that in my life. To keep the mess organized 😉 . So yes, it speaks for itself, just a page for all my ideas.

Than we got my wishlist, there’s not much on it yet, although I want to have a lot. Mostly clothes of course. I’m a fashion addict… I just love thinking of new outfits to wear. But I didn’t pick well today, it’s way to cold for a short dress… But maybe the sun will come trough, I really hope so.

And the last pages for today, about Croatia, also can’t stop talking about this heh? But Croatia was, as it says, amazing. I will not talk to much about that again, already done that enough. Vacation is over folks… I still don’t really realise summer is at his end, it was the best summer ever.

So, before I start crying I’ll just say bye.

Let me know what you think of my Bullet Journal, I will defenitely post more about it, because I love it hehe. (Also because I literally have no inspiration for other articles, I should really post more about fashion I think… So ideas for articles are more than welcome!)

byebye! xoxo

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