This was 2019! – pt.2

Welcome backt to another part of my 2019 recap! My story got a little bit too long so I really needed to make 2 seperate posts about it. If you didn’t read the first part, you can find it here!

so, 2019 is almost at his ending, it’s  has been a hell of a year, really. It had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. So somewhere I’m feeling a little bit relieved or happy that the year’s almost over, but on the other hand it’s always sad when something ends. It will never come back… So all we have is the memories, the photos or the stories.

So let’s continue my story from where we left, July. The month after my boyfriend was diagnosed with diabetes. But also the month when everything got better!

July was a-ma-zing. It really was one of the best months this year. I went on a summer trip with my three best friends. We went to Krakow in Poland and it was beautiful! We discovered the city, went to mountains, had a spa-day and had a lot of cocktails. We went out for dinner every night because everything’s just so cheap in Poland. But the best thing of all was finally going on a vacation with my closest and best friends of all time! It was the first time we traveled this far together and next year we are definitely going again!


August was just as good as July was, cause I went on another vacation. But this I went with my boyfriend. We drove to the Czech Republic where we stayed in Karlovy Vary. The most beautiful city I’ve ever seen! The weather was so great we even spend a day at the lake. The other days we visited the city centre and we went canoeing once. After Karlovy Vary we went to Prague. Also an amazing city! It was really crowded over there but it was definitely worth it visiting it. We’ve seen a lot of beautiful places on our trip. And this also was the first time we went on a vacation with just the two of us. And we survived it without any fights. It was so romantic and just wonderful! At the end of August I sadly had to say goodbye to one of my best friends. She was leaving the Netherlands for 4 or 5 months to study abroad. So I was going to miss her.

September was the month were my internship started. And as you probably know I really hate my internship. But this first month I tried to remain optimistic and I really hoped it’ll get better. But even though my internship sucked I still had a pretty good month. I had some really great parties and I went on another vacation. I know, this year has been crazy seeing all those vacations and trips. But this time we only went the weekend. My boyfriend’s grandparents took the whole family to a big hotel in Assen. It was really nice because it was all-inclusive, which meant eating and drinking all day long. And if there’s anything I love more than shopping it’s eating. And I also spend some great quality time with my boyfriend’s family.

I started to feel worser than ever. And that all because of my internship. Luckily I had a week off this month so that made me a little bit happy. I went shopping in Nijmegen with a school-friend, had not seen her in a very long time. So it was great seeing and talking to her again! This month I also decided to remake my entire website! I did this all at my internship because I didn’t really had anything else to do. And I really enjoyed doing it so it made my internship a little bit more fun. And I’m still very happy with the result so it was a good thing to do!

In November I went on another citytrip with my boyfriend, we just really love doing that and we can travel for free in the Netherlands so that’s really really awesome. We to Rotterdam and did a lot of shopping. I can remember my feet hurt for like a week because we walked so much that day. I also had a staff-party this month which was really fun! I work at a supermarket and me and my colleagues are like friends so it was really nice to spend some time together somewhere else than at work. We just danced and drank a lot that night. Had a lot of fun! This month I also got a really exciting Christmas-gift from my internship: €150 shopping money. So I bought a lot of new clothes without feeling any shame!

A lot happened in December. A lot of fun things. Starting off with my grandparent’s party. They were married for 50 year on the 12th of December so there was a big big party! With a delicious dinner buffet! There were like 15 cakes, no lie! I also played secret santa twice, once with my own family and once with my boyfriend’s family. So I got a lot of gifts and cozy evenings. This month I also got my Christmas break, really needed that. Two weeks no internship! And off course, Christmas! Christmas was amazing this year, on the first day my boyfriend’s mom turned 50 so we had a double party! A lot of family came to visit and we had a gourmet in the evening. The second we went to my family and had a winter-bbq. It was delicious and just great to see everyone again. I really love spending time with family. Another great thing about this month was my best friend coming back from Finland. We hang out a lot to catch up the last couple of months. December was in one word just wonderful.

And that’s the end of it, 2019 is almost over. Just two more days and than it’s the end of a decade! Crazy… But 2020 is going to awesome, I’m really going for it! But you never know what life brings you… 

 What was the best thing that happened to you this year?

I wish you all a very nice new years eve and of course of happy new year! 

Xoxo Anne

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