Throwback Thursday #1 - Norway

Today I wanted to try something new! A Throwback Thursday, not a very original title but well, who cares. I liked it! So, a couple of days ago I asked you guys to ask me some questions on Instagram so I could do a Q&A here on my blog, but sadly I am not so popular so I got like 3 questions. Sad huh. But one of the questions did inspire me to write this blogpost and to start a new series on my blog! Welcome to Throwback Thursday #1!

So the question that I got was: ‘Whats the most inspiring place you have ever visited?’ And the answer came right away: Norway. Without any doubt the most beautiful, peaceful and inspiring place I have ever been. So I wanted to look at the pictures we made back then, and that’s when I found our photo album. Not so aesthetic because it’s been made digital haha.

So here we go back, to Norway, 2013.

I was thirteen years old, just finished my first year of middle school. A hard year for a insecure and shy girl like me. But everything was fine because I was going to Norway with my family. And they meant (and still mean) everything to me. My parents visited Norway in 1999, they actually found out that my mom was pregnant of me in Norway. So it was kind of special, they loved the country so much and really wanted to show us it’s beauty.

We traveled around the country for three weeks. Started in Oslo, a beautiful city. But the thing I remember most is that is was so f*cking hot, it’s never hot in Norway but this time it was. Guess we were lucky.

I can’t remember everything we did or saw, it’s almost seven years ago. But somehow I will never forget this roadtrip with my lovely family. We stayed in the most cozy little cabins and bungalows, on the top of a mountain with views that were breathtaking. We hiked a lot, discovered the beautiful and quiet nature. I remember we took a really hard hike to get on top of a mountain. We did expect a beautiful view but it was more than that. It was wonderful, and we were the only people there, so with just the five of us we saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Those deep blue fjords, green mountains and light blue skies. Best memory ever.

Another memory is when we were staying in this crazy big bungalow, the farmer told us to close the gates at night because otherwise the wild cows would come and break down our car. At night we could hear all the wild animals, at day we had a private mountain. The mountain belonged to the farmer but we got the keys too. So we went up and there was snow! In the bungalow we found some sleds, so the next day we went back on the mountain and went sledding the whole afternoon. It was summer remember?

So all the memories are starting to get back now, what a great time we had. Wish I can go back, my brothers and I aren’t so close anymore, and I am not going on vacation with my parents anymore. But that’s on growing up.

For now I just wish for this quarantine to be over soon so I can go make some new memories again! Because memories never fade. And this roadtrip to Norway will never be forgotten, it was just too special and too amazing. When I’m older, and have enough money to afford it, I will definitely go back there some day!

And how about you? Ever been to Norway?  Or is there another country that’s just special to you?


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  1. I loved this blogpost! It is amazing! I also have visited Norway once and it was incredible. A very special country for me is Canada:green_heart:

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